Light Poles Installed at Players Club Villas

American Electric of Jacksonville has been contracted to install pole lights at the Players Club Villas located within the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa grounds in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Guests who use the Villas not only have access to the main resort’s facilities but also include a more private and home-like stay. Having these lights installed will help keep the guests safe, illuminating the parking spaces and walk way leading up to the buildings. Lights were also installed near the Pavilion, a community area for those who reside in the Villas.

First the trenches were dug from where the aluminum light poles would be installed, under the walkways, to the building’s service box. We used plastic tarps keeping this process clean, preventing the dirt from mixing with the grass. PVC Electrical conduits, a plastic tubing, were used to house the wiring. The use of the tubing creates an airtight environment to protect the cables and avoid damage from water. The conduits were attached together with joints and fittings, then sealed with a solvent-weld.

The light poles were set with concrete for stability. Wiring fed through the light pole and connected to the wiring inside the conduit with crimps. After the concrete had set, we used a scissor lift to elevate and secure the LED light heads on top of the poles. Saving this as the last step allowed less weight on top of the light pole while waiting for the concrete to set, provided greater reassurance the pole would remain straight and sturdy. This same process was completed installing pole lights near the pavilion, providing a lit walkway for guests going to and from the community area.

American Electric not only emphasize the importance of lighting for safety of Villa’s guests but to also regard the preservation and cleanliness of the property. Each step of the process is fulfilled with not only our expertise in electrical contracting but our respect for the companies who hire us.

Jacksonville Apartment Complex Power Restored

American Electric of Jacksonville has been hired for a residential electrical contract at the Monaco Arms Apartment Complex. Located in the Highlands area of Jacksonville FL, near the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens, one of the buildings within the community lost power leaving the residents without any amenities that require electricity.

The power went out on a Saturday and American Electric had no hesitation to call staff to the job site and resolve the issue.  A high-powered generator was used to temporarily supply the building with electricity until the job was fully completed.  This allowed the families to continue with their daily activities without having to relocate to a hotel.

Working through the weekend, troubleshooting to find where the circuit was broken, American Electric used a toner to trace the circuit. A toner is similar to a metal detector as it detects where electricity is present on a wire or cable.  Over time Electricians have nicknamed the probe to the “voodoo stick.” Electrical technicians followed the path of the wiring with the toner from a panel across the street until the detection of electricity became faint, locating the break in the circuit.

A small trench was dug to reach the aluminum wiring and it became aware the 30-year-old cable had been burnt.  At some point the wire had been nicked, either by the factory which caused oxidation to occur.  Aluminum oxidizes differently than other metals, turning white instead of a red and breaking the connection.

By Monday, the break was repaired by replacing the wiring using crimps to secure the connection.  No matter if it is the weekend and a day at the beach is planned, American Electric will be there to turn your lights back on.

Heart Utilities Apartment Complex Transformer and Primary Cable Replacement

American Electric was hired by Heart Utilities to replace a transformer and primary cable at the Silver Creek Apartments. Located east of the St. John’s River off of Atlantic Blvd, this was a neighborhood job as our office is less than a minute away from our office.

The defective transformer was originally installed in the 1970’s and causing the primary switch to fail, creating a power outage for the building. This required the installation of the new transformer. Power was supplied to the transformer using a flexible PVC conduit encasing the line and placed in the dirt 8ft deep. The line was then navigated 300ft by a locator to the utility pole and terminated at the jack with the provided power from the overhead power lines.

As we were contracted by Heart Utilities, American Electric was able to resolve the issue and give power back to the residents of the building.

Electric Meter Change Out at River City Landing Apartment Complex in Jacksonville

The River City Landing apartment complex called American Electric of Jacksonville for a residential electrical contract repair while they had two 500Amp services begin to fail causing power outages throughout the neighborhood. This community is east of downtown, across the St. Johns River, nearby Jacksonville University which houses many of its students. We understand how important it is for these students to have electricity for not only powering their computers and having light to study but to also provide safety and peace of mind.

These apartments were out of power all day and into the night as American Electric had been contracted and arrived at the job site. We replaced the two meters with one 1000Amp service meter to resolve the power outages. JEA was on standby to tap up the power as we finished the meter change-out.

In times like these, people know to not take electricity for granted. When the internet is out it can feel like we’re 1980’s, but when the power is out it can feel like we’re in the 1880s. American Electric of Jacksonville is effective and efficient in every job having highly trained and skilled technicians and journeymen to turn the power back on.

Amelia Island Mansion Wired by American Electric

American Electric of Jacksonville has been hired for a residential contract by EC Keyon to wire this brand new mansion in Amelia Island. Amelia Island is located in Nassau County, northwest of Jacksonville and is known for its luxury and beauty with 2 ocean front state parks and 7 golf courses. This 17,841 sq. ft. house is located both on the Amelia Island Golf Course and is oceanfront, shown in these photos the views are truly breathtaking.

The four-year-long project started December of 2006 and was finished in December of 2010 by American Electric. This house required a 1200 Amp Service we wired throughout to power the plugs, switches and lights we installed, as well as being connected to a programmable dimming system. The dimming system included timed automation to turn on the lights in the driveway and programmed paths in the house. The 3 story commercial elevator that had been installed was also wired, along with a state of the art 100kw whisper quiet generator located inside the house in case of a power outage.

American Electric was hired for this residential electrical contract because of our reputation in the highest quality of electricians and project management. “Our focus on customer satisfaction is second to none which has made us the industry leader in the Southeast.”