Commercial and Residential Fire Alarm Systems in Jacksonville, FL

American Electric offers fire alarm installation service in Jacksonville FL. Installing fire alarm systems — whether for your home or business — shouldn’t be a second thought but a priority. And when it comes to protecting your family and properties, using only the best alarm systems is what matters.

Fire Alarm System Jacksonville FL

The Importance of Fire Alarm Systems: Residential and Business

The majority of homeowners or business owners do not take fire alarms seriously and in most cases, do not test or check their alarm systems regularly. Fire alarms are important because they provide an early signal to something that could be disastrous – basically saving lives. By having them properly installed, the fire alarm alerts you to take action before major harm takes place. It’s all too easy to get trapped in at the start of a fire, resulting in death and also property loss.

  • Fire alarms can save lives. Installing them can make houses and/or businesses a safe place for your families, employees, customers, and tenants. Don’t assume that you’ll be able to smell smoke when you’re asleep and wake up in time to escape in case of a fire emergency. Research has proven that our sense of smell is lost when we are asleep, and we will not wake up no matter how strong the smell of smoke is.
  • Fire alarms reduce property loss. Updated and monitored fire alarm systems automatically notify emergency responders and fire trucks can dispatch to your location without delays – meaning less damage and shorter downtime until you can reopen for business.
  • Fire alarms may qualify you for insurance discounts: Most insurance carriers offer discounted rates on business insurance policy premiums if you have a code-compliant fire alarm system. In fact, some providers require you to install a fire alarm before they will insure your business.
  • Fire alarms keep you code compliant: The best way to avoid hefty fees and potential PR issues associated with code compliance is to install a fire alarm in your commercial building.

Bottom line: Fire alarm systems provide early detection to get you safe and out of a situation that would potentially lead to tragedy. Make sure to alert your loved ones and neighbors on the importance of installing fire alarm systems.

Commercial vs. Residential Alarm Systems – What’s the Difference?

Residential Monitoring Solutions comes with two primary types of monitoring – intrusion monitoring and fire monitoring. Systems can be set up in a home that allows monitoring agents to turn off the water main of a home if water sensors detect flooding. The other main residential concern is carbon monoxide. Monitoring client’s residential alarm systems could save lives and houses.

Commercial Monitoring is generally more complicated and costly than residential monitoring. That is because commercial facilities want to take advantage of features like video monitoring, access control monitoring, panic button monitoring, temperature and water monitoring, and other specific systems that they would like to be monitored. For larger industrial properties with locations that keep dangerous chemicals onsite, they should consider the greater implications of protecting their property from dangers like fire or ill-intentioned intruders.

What Type of Fire Alarms are Generally Installed?

We work with top brand names in the fire alarm industry: Silent Knight, Fire-Lite-Alarm, Edwards Signaling

Common Questions People Ask When Installing the Fire Alarm?

The top question we receive is “How do I set the alarm?” Determining the type of alarm system will always come down to figuring out where their budget meets their needs. Contact us if you need recommendations on a unique commercial or residential alarm system.