Light Poles Installed at Players Club Villas

American Electric of Jacksonville has been contracted to install pole lights at the Players Club Villas located within the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa grounds in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Guests who use the Villas not only have access to the main resort’s facilities but also include a more private and home-like stay. Having these lights installed will help keep the guests safe, illuminating the parking spaces and walk way leading up to the buildings. Lights were also installed near the Pavilion, a community area for those who reside in the Villas.

First the trenches were dug from where the aluminum light poles would be installed, under the walkways, to the building’s service box. We used plastic tarps keeping this process clean, preventing the dirt from mixing with the grass. PVC Electrical conduits, a plastic tubing, were used to house the wiring. The use of the tubing creates an airtight environment to protect the cables and avoid damage from water. The conduits were attached together with joints and fittings, then sealed with a solvent-weld.

The light poles were set with concrete for stability. Wiring fed through the light pole and connected to the wiring inside the conduit with crimps. After the concrete had set, we used a scissor lift to elevate and secure the LED light heads on top of the poles. Saving this as the last step allowed less weight on top of the light pole while waiting for the concrete to set, provided greater reassurance the pole would remain straight and sturdy. This same process was completed installing pole lights near the pavilion, providing a lit walkway for guests going to and from the community area.

American Electric not only emphasize the importance of lighting for safety of Villa’s guests but to also regard the preservation and cleanliness of the property. Each step of the process is fulfilled with not only our expertise in electrical contracting but our respect for the companies who hire us.