Parking Lot Lights Installation & Repair Service in Jacksonville, FL

American Electric offers parking lot lighting installation and repair services in Jacksonville FL. Our licensed commercial electricians specialize in the installation and maitenance of parking lot lights. We can diagnose the symptoms that lead to failures before you have an emergency.

Parking Lot Light Installation in Jacksonville

Parking Lot Lighting Installation & Maintenance by Jacksonville Commercial Lighting Contractors

American Electric of Jacksonville provides the best in parking lot lighting and outdoor lights: new, used, remodeling, and repairs. We have the resources and know-how to get your Commercial Electrical Contracting job done right. We’ll give our all to meet your project timeline and budget.

We’ve completed Commercial Parking Lot Lighting work for multiple locations of Copeland’s of New Orleans and O’Charley’s restaurants. We do pole light installations and repair work. American Electric was contracted by Players Club Villas to install pole lights at their Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, location. Some other parking lot lighting and pole installations and repairs include Jacksonville locations of Marriott Courtyard and Cabana Beach Club.

Let us upgrade your older lights by replacing incandescent bulbs with more efficient LED bulbs. You’ll enjoy the savings in energy costs. Outdated lighting systems are huge wasters of energy. Increase visibility and save money with LED lighting technology.

Apartment Complex or Condominium Parking Lot Lighting Service

Installing the right apartment complex or condominium parking lot lighting can make all the difference in attracting apartment renters or condominium buyers. Apartment building owners, residential rental corporations, and real estate developers are maximizing profits every day by installing or upgrading their parking lot lighting. Don’t get left behind. Investments in new or upgraded outdoor lighting in parking lots, walkways, and paths pays off:

  • Attracts renters and buyers through a perception of increased safety.
  • Sets the complex or condo apart from other, poorly lit properties.
  • Beautifies outdoor spaces, which converts to more rentals and sales.
  • Raises property values that can lead to higher rental rates or asking prices.

Don’t wait to be outdone by neighboring apartment buildings or condominiums! American Electric – Jacksonville is your Commercial Electrical Contractor for new or upgraded outdoor lights.

Why hire American Electric to maintain the exterior lighting of your business in Jacksonville, Florida?

You worked hard. You invested in a luxurious home for you and your family in an upscale residential neighborhood. Isn’t it time to give your home the spectacular outdoor lighting it deserves? American Electric – Jacksonville is here to help you design, wire, and maintain an outdoor lighting system that keeps your family protected and beautifies your home.

A smart investment in premium outdoor residential lighting can increase the value of your home. Wiring for a home security system or installing security lighting with motion detectors may mean a discount on your homeowners insurance. The Insurance Information Institute reports several ways that Residential Electrical Contracting services may help lower rates on homeowners insurance, including electrical upgrades to older homes and installing a sophisticated water sprinkling system: click here to read the article.

Did you know that interest on home-improvement loans may be fully deductible on your year-end federal taxes? Consult your CPA for any deductions for which you may qualify. Click through to read the article Federal Tax Deductions for Home Renovation.

Our customer service team is standing by to receive your call. Don’t wait on such an important investment in safety, beauty, and property value.

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