2000kva Generator Installation at Freedom Commerce Centre

American Electric of Jacksonville has been commercially contracted to install a 2000kva Generator for the Incomm Building in the Freedom Commerce Centre. The 752,154 sq ft Freedom Commerce Centre is located in the Baymeadows area of Jacksonville, Florida and has been previously occupied by huge corporations including: Florida Blue and Citigroup Inc. This is a powerful generator needed to keep businesses running when the power goes out.

During this commercial contract American Electric had to troubleshoot and problem solve several issues to fit the needs of the generator installation project. The main electrical service was in the middle of the building which the feeder had to be piped from to the exterior as shown in the photos. The new owners did not want to hear the generator running so it was installed on the far side of the parking lot. They also did not want to cut up the asphalt so we had Nav-Tech Directional Drilling to directional bore to relocated generator location.

The generator was installed and placed on the concrete pad poured by JC Standford. The electric cables were then fed though and wired. As the project was nearing completion we installed generator panel and three transfer switches along with the 2 UPS systems (battery backups). No project is too big or complex for American Electric to complete and satisfy the needs using strategy to maintain office productivity.

Electric Meter Change Out at River City Landing Apartment Complex in Jacksonville

The River City Landing apartment complex called American Electric of Jacksonville for a residential electrical contract repair while they had two 500Amp services begin to fail causing power outages throughout the neighborhood. This community is east of downtown, across the St. Johns River, nearby Jacksonville University which houses many of its students. We understand how important it is for these students to have electricity for not only powering their computers and having light to study but to also provide safety and peace of mind.

These apartments were out of power all day and into the night as American Electric had been contracted and arrived at the job site. We replaced the two meters with one 1000Amp service meter to resolve the power outages. JEA was on standby to tap up the power as we finished the meter change-out.

In times like these, people know to not take electricity for granted. When the internet is out it can feel like we’re 1980’s, but when the power is out it can feel like we’re in the 1880s. American Electric of Jacksonville is effective and efficient in every job having highly trained and skilled technicians and journeymen to turn the power back on.

NS Mayport High Voltage Cabinet Change

American Electric of Jacksonville has been contracted to replace high voltage electric cabinet at Navel Station Mayport, a major navel installation located in Jacksonville, Florida. We have been contracting with NS Mayport for 17 years meeting military requirements and maintaining electrical applications.

The cabinet had rusted out on top (as seen in photo by tarp on top). Being so close to the ocean, the salty sea breezes can cause extreme corrosion. To help protect better against the elements, it has been replaced by a 404 stainless steel cabinet, painted mussel green, a navy specification.

This job was completed by American Electric on a Saturday due to electricity outages that have occurred throughout the area to minimize downtime in adjacent building.

WW Gay Mechanical Contractor, from Jacksonville, was contracted to move the cabinets using a crane to pick out the old and set in the new.

American Electric‘s electricians reworked high voltage cables to be accepted by the new cabinet.

These cables were then hypotted (monitoring to ensure the cables do not ground from the high voltages)  and re-certified as they were approved by CE Testing, a military certified company from Macclenny located just west of Jacksonville.

We look forward to future jobs with Navel Station Mayport.  We are proud to be contracted and provide the best electrical service to support our military.