Amelia Island Mansion Wired by American Electric

American Electric of Jacksonville has been hired for a residential contract by EC Keyon to wire this brand new mansion in Amelia Island. Amelia Island is located in Nassau County, northwest of Jacksonville and is known for its luxury and beauty with 2 ocean front state parks and 7 golf courses. This 17,841 sq. ft. house is located both on the Amelia Island Golf Course and is oceanfront, shown in these photos the views are truly breathtaking.

The four-year-long project started December of 2006 and was finished in December of 2010 by American Electric. This house required a 1200 Amp Service we wired throughout to power the plugs, switches and lights we installed, as well as being connected to a programmable dimming system. The dimming system included timed automation to turn on the lights in the driveway and programmed paths in the house. The 3 story commercial elevator that had been installed was also wired, along with a state of the art 100kw whisper quiet generator located inside the house in case of a power outage.

American Electric was hired for this residential electrical contract because of our reputation in the highest quality of electricians and project management. “Our focus on customer satisfaction is second to none which has made us the industry leader in the Southeast.”