River City Landing Apartment Complex Meter Center Repair

The River City Landing apartment complex called American Electric of Jacksonville for a residential electrical contract repair while they had two 500Amp services begin to fail causing power outages throughout the neighborhood. This community is east of downtown, across the St. Johns River, nearby Jacksonville University which houses many of their students. We understand how important it is for these students to have the electricity for not only powering their computers and having light to study but to also provide safety and peace of mind.

These apartments were out of power all day and into the night as American Electric had been contracted and arrived at the job site. We replaced the two meters with one 1000Amp service meter to resolve the power outages. JEA was on standby to tap up the power as we finished the meter change-out.

In times like these, people know to not take electricity for granted. When the internet is out it can feel like we’re 1980’s, but when the power is out it can feel like we’re in the 1880’s. American Electric of Jacksonville is effective and efficient in every job having highly trained and skilled technicians and journeymen to turn the power back on.