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Military Electrical Contracting

Trust Our Unparalleled Performance in Military Base Electrical Work

With six military installations in the vicinity of Northeast Florida, American Electric of Jacksonville specializes in performing electrical work for our area military bases. We deliver 5-star quality results with cutting-edge technology and applications.

For decades, we’ve made the work of our military personnel easier, safer, and more efficient with electrical repairs, replacements, and upgrades, including all of the following projects and more:

  • Runways & Helipad Lights
  • Airport Hanger Electrical Upgrades
  • Electrical Transformer Repair & Replace
  • Military Barracks Wiring
  • Generator Set Installation & Wiring
  • Lightning Protection / Surge – Data Protection
  • Parking Lot Lighting Installation and Service
  • Data Communication Cat5e and Cat6 Cable Installation

Our total commitment to our clients is to provide unparalleled performance — 100% of the time, every time. Our performance commitment applies to Military Electrical Contracting as much as to any other Electrical Contracting Services we offer. American Electric of Jacksonville meets every challenge when it comes to upgrades, repairs, and replacements of highly technical and sensitive equipment and systems.

Depend on Our Full DBIDS Credentials

Don’t be fooled by look-alike companies that claim to work on military bases but may not hold the proper access credentials to complete work in a timely fashion. American Electric – Jacksonville holds the DBIDS credentials necessary to gain access to all area military bases. DBIDS stands for Defense Biometric Identification System, and it’s the current system used by our military to ensure the security of our bases.

DBIDS credentials apply to vendors, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and service providers who may seek base access to perform Military Electrical Contracting. You can depend on our 24/7 full access to all area military bases. With American Electric – Jacksonville, you won’t be put through waiting for your electrical contractor to obtain their DBIDS security card, which can can take up to 180 days and requires the filing of security forms, background checks of all contractors and vendors, and annual renewal to maintain base access. Don’t risk contracting with an electrical repair and service company that puts up a good front but does not possess the decades of experience and the required security access to perform your Military Electrical Project.

How American Electric – Jacksonville Keeps Our Military Powered

Make the smartest, most efficient electrical upgrades to your military base. We keep you on time and on budget. Plus, we work with you to minimize any distractions or downtime so that your military operations continue to run on schedule and without interference. And, our electrical technicians take extra steps to ensure all safety policies are enforced and worksites are kept clean and organized.

We’ve worked on all area local bases, including Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Naval Station Mayport, Camp Blanding and Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay.

Not only do we enjoy full military base security access, we’ve developed, as well, strong relationships with other contractors who work on Northeast Florida’s military bases. These long-standing relationships demonstrate our proven track record of success with large-scale Military Electrical Work and allow for ease of completion throughout any new construction or facility upgrades.

American Electric of Jacksonville, Inc. keeps our military powered and operating at top form through our

  • knowledge and experience to keep projects on time and on budget;
  • attention to minimizing distractions or downtime;
  • adherence to safety policies and a clean project environment;
  • extensive experience with military electrical work; and,
  • successful relationships with other contractors.

Look for our iconic Red, White and Blue sign! And count on American Electric of Jacksonville for all your Military Electrical Contracting needs.

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