Lightning Surge Protection for Home and Business in Jacksonville, FL

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Here in Jacksonville, lightning strikes are no joke. They are a costly reality that we all think about when we hear an approaching electrical storm. As a reality check, we recently installed lightning surge protection in a home that had been struck by lightning. They lost 4 TV’s, cable boxes, 2 PC’s a data backup device, a microwave and heaven forbid a cell phone and all its data, that was plugged in, charging.

You may think those power strips that you have are protecting you electronics and appliances…they’re not!
Electronics and appliances with circuit boards are sitting ducks for power surges generated by lightning strikes. It’s not just lightning – damaging power surges over the power grid are also common problems that can affect your home or business.

That’s why everyone should have a whole-house or lightning surge protector. Surge protection devices will protect all your electronics, appliances, phones, Internet and cable TV equipment from damage or loss.

If you’re thinking about installing surge protection but, don’t know exactly what needs to be done inside the main breaker box, and have the skills to do it safely – Give the licensed electricians at American Electric of Jacksonville a call. 904.721.4044. We have all the needed skills and approved materials to complete the installation to properly protect you from costly lightning strikes and power surges.

Short Term Tip: Although this in not a permanent fix, if you know a storm is coming, you can protect against fried circuit boards and appliances by unplugging cell phone chargers and flipping off the breakers to your stove, dishwasher, furnace, AC and refrigerator, etc.

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