Electrical Outlet and Switch Service in Jacksonville, FL & Surrounding Areas

Electrical Outlets and Wall Switches

Struggling with electrical problems? American Electric of Jacksonville will expertly install, repair, or replace any type of electrical outlet or switch in both your home and business. Our licensed electricians are trained and experienced to tackle any type of wiring or outlet issues you may be having. It’s best to have professional electrical outlet and switch services, whether you are installing a new outlet or repairing electrical switches.

There are many types of outlets nowadays, such as Tamper Proof (child-safe) outlets, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets, AFCI Outlets, Duplex outlets, USB Outlets, decorator outlets, night light outlets, range and dryer outlets, outdoor outlets, and many, many more. Gain peace of mind knowing your electrical system was installed or repaired properly by our professional electricians.

Electric Outlet Installation, Repair, and Relocating

Whether you are mounting a TV to the wall, moving data wiring, building a new home, adding a new addition, installing a new light fixture, or even just rearranging a room, American Electric of Jacksonville has the experience and technical knowledge to create a new wiring layout for your outlets and switches. We will ensure that the addition of outlets can be supported by your current circuit breaker panel and make any changes to give you the power where you need it— safely and affordably. We can handle all the details to accommodate any of your electrical needs.

As a homeowner, you may consider tackling electrical fixture or light switch installation yourself. However, improper electrical service can cause electric shock or create a fire hazard in your home. American Electric of Jacksonville provides safe installation services to ensure your electrical wiring is not compromised. Don’t take risks! Hire a professional for your outlet services. Even a new switch for a light fixture could cause a fire hazard in an older home.

American Electric of Jacksonville is a fully licensed and insured residential electrical contractor that is more than capable of helping you with any electrical repair, rewiring, electrical installation, or electrical panel upgrade, large or small. Can’t figure out the problem? Our technicians can help with troubleshooting to find the source. We will respond quickly to your service call, sending an experienced uniformed electrician in a clean work van that contains everything needed to complete the job to your total satisfaction. They will always treat your home as if it were their own and leave the area neat and tidy.

Common Electrical Devices We Install or Replace


  • Light switch
  • 3-way switch
  • Dimmer switch
  • Transfer switch


  • Outlet
  • USB outlet
  • GFCI outlet
  • Sump pump outlet
  • Recessed outlet
  • Panel outlet
  • Dryer outlet
  • Stove outlet
  • Dedicated outlet


  • Whole house fan
  • Ceiling fan
  • Bath fan

Contact American Electric of Jacksonville for all your electrical outlet and switch service needs! Call: (904) 721-4044