SF6 Switch Replaced at NS Mayport by American Electric

American Electric of Jacksonville, Inc. was contracted to replace the FSF6 switch at Naval Station Mayport.  This switch gives power to the runway, lighting up the landing strip and half of the harbor supplying battle ships and aircraft carriers. We had a specifically timed deadline as there was no electricity delivered to these crucial areas, temporarily limiting training drills and daily military activities, during the completion of this job.

As the power was disconnected, the generators started up. The old switch was removed off the pad using a Towmotor forklift disconnecting the high voltage cables. The new switch was then installed on the pad and high voltage cables were connected.  Using a phase stick, we set the order of the power switch’s phases controlling an automation process of electrical distribution. The switch was activated and the job was completed within the military guidelines with the runway and harbor back to normal procedures.

With no room for error, a timed deadline on base requires electricians with experience and know how to finish the project with precision for not only the safety of those on the Navy Base, but for our county.  American Electric supports our military and is helping to keep our military strong.

American Electric Installs Primary Loop at Naval Station Mayport

American Electric of Jacksonville has been hired for military contracting with Navel Station Mayport to install primary wire. The navy base is located northwest of Jacksonville where the St. Johns River meets the Atlantic Ocean. We installed 800 ft of primary wire from transformer to transformer through a manhole as a backfed grid system to restore power if it goes out.

We layed a 6″ PVC conduit in ditch to protect the primary wire then encased the conduit in concrete, with a copper locate wire inside, shown in the photo. A bare copper wire was also placed on top of the concrete to counterpoise, providing a grounding path for a lightening strike. The concrete was then left to dry for a day and was back-filled.

The manhole had to be core-bored and grouted where the conduit entered. And, the copper wire entering then had to be fire-taped and racked around the hole, completing the project.

American Electric of Jacksonville is grateful for the men and women who serve in our military and are proud to provide our reliable services. To our luck during this project, the USS Iwo Jima was even present, shown in the background of the photo.

NS Mayport High Voltage Cabinet Change

American Electric of Jacksonville has been contracted to replace high voltage electric cabinet at Navel Station Mayport, a major navel installation located in Jacksonville, Florida. We have been contracting with NS Mayport for 17 years meeting military requirements and maintaining electrical applications.

The cabinet had rusted out on top (as seen in photo by tarp on top). Being so close to the ocean, the salty sea breezes can cause extreme corrosion. To help protect better against the elements, it has been replaced by a 404 stainless steel cabinet, painted mussel green, a navy specification.

This job was completed by American Electric on a Saturday due to electricity outages that have occurred throughout the area to minimize downtime in adjacent building.

WW Gay Mechanical Contractor, from Jacksonville, was contracted to move the cabinets using a crane to pick out the old and set in the new.

American Electric‘s electricians reworked high voltage cables to be accepted by the new cabinet.

These cables were then hypotted (monitoring to ensure the cables do not ground from the high voltages)  and re-certified as they were approved by CE Testing, a military certified company from Macclenny located just west of Jacksonville.

We look forward to future jobs with Navel Station Mayport.  We are proud to be contracted and provide the best electrical service to support our military.