Helipad Lights & Runways Lighting Services

Runway And Helipad Lights

Runways & Helipad Lights?
Think American Electric – Jacksonville

American Electric installs and services all aspects of military electrical contracting, including runways & helipad lights! We turn to the best in aviation lighting by such companies as Eaton with their superior Crouse-Hinds product line for aviation.

We proudly install and service only the safest and efficient equipment, such as:

  • Obstruction Lights
  • Runway and Taxiway Lights
  • Runway and Taxiway Elevated Lights
  • Runway and Taxiway Inset Lights
  • Approach and Navigation Aids
  • Guidance Signs
  • Utility Lights
  • Power and Control Equipment

Ensure the safe and proper operation of your Heliport with American Electric – Jacksonville, too. We’ve successfully installed inset and elevated lights for helipad applications. You can check our perfect track record of excellence.

Past completed jobs include the installation of runway lights and taxiway lights at Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

Read about we contracted to replace the FSF6 switch at Naval Station Mayport and met a specifically timed deadline. Timed deadlines on military bases require the expertise that only the leader of Southeast US military base electrical contracting can provide. American Electric – Jacksonville is the leader in this complex electrical field.

DBIDS Credentials Allows Us Full Access on all Southeast US Military Bases

Full DBIDS access means your job won’t get slowed down or even stopped! What could be worse than to set up electrical contracting job, secure labor and equipment and then discover your hired electricians can’t enter the military base? That won’t happen when you hire American Electric of Jacksonville. We keep our Electrical Contracting Team updated with full DBIDS credentials. We guarantee it!

Reliable, Trustworthy Maintenance Service after Installation

All electrical systems and applications need proper maintenance. Count on the electrical company powered by integrity for all your electrical maintenance needs.

Cut Energy Costs with Solar Powered Lighting Products

Companies such as Eaton now offer cutting-edge solar powered aviation lighting options. Upgrades to solar powered lighting can a big cost-savings options. These product lines include solar powered lighting solutions for runways, taxi¬ways, thresholds, obstructions, signage and more.

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