Aircraft Hangar Wiring & Hangar Lighting Services

American Electric Jacksonville Military Aircraft Hangar Electrician

Supporting Our Military with Superior Aircraft Hangar Wiring

We’re proud to be the US Southeast’s leader in Aircraft Hangar Wiring. Whether your military base is upgrading to new high bay hangar lights, installing a 400 Hz frequency converter, or wiring for motorized hangar doors, American Electric of Jacksonville provides superior service at military-friendly contracting rates.

We’ve surpassed our competitors for over twenty years, and we meet all relevant codes and standards issued by the Department of Defense for aircraft maintenance hangars. Many of these codes and standards are outlined in the DoD United Facilities Criteria (UFC) for Aircraft Maintenance Hangars (issued April 13, 2017).

Upgrading to High Bay LED Lighting

Aircraft hangars require bright and clear illumination, and lighting that minimizes glare and light pollution are major necessities. Optimal illumination may be addressed by installing High Bay Light Fixtures that emit the sort of light needed in such large, open spaces. Installing fully shielded light fixtures with Glare Rating of G2 or less and an Uplight Rating of U0 greatly minimize glare and light pollution. American Electric – Jacksonville is experienced in the installation of High Bay Light Fixtures and lighting that meets critical design issues for Military Aircraft Hangars.

Advances in aircraft hangar design, such as installation of High Bay LED Lighting, are making meaningful cost and energy savings for our military forces. Military hangars dependent upon light sources such as induction or metal halide lighting will find greater reliability, longer lamp life expectancy, and higher efficiency upgrading to LED lighting technology.

Installing 400HZ Frequency Converters

Aircraft inspection and maintenance activities require a complete and functioning 200Y/115VAC, 400Hz power system for aircraft ground power. American Electric – Jacksonville is a top-rated installer of 400Hz frequency converters, as well as cables and connectors for Military Aircraft Hangar power systems.

Let American Electric of Jacksonville be your trusted installer of 400Hz frequency converters for point-of-use aircraft ground power.

Providing Power to Hangar Doors

No matter the style of hangar door — single, multi-panel, bi-fold or sliding — American Electric – Jacksonville provides the proper power supply, according to UFC requirements. We ensure, as well, the efficient and consistent operating of hangar doors, providing a separate and dedicated power supply so that hangar doors remain energized even when general power to the hangar is shut off or interrupted.

For vertical lift fabric doors, our team of expert electrical technicians design a power source that can be operated by an emergency generator or an Aerospace Ground Equipment power cart in the case of power outages.