Surfing Sawgrass Marriott

American Electric of Jacksonville has been contracted by Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa in the installation of the SurfStream wave simulator in Ponte Vedra Beach.  The new swell machine will create a standing wave for people to surf or body-board. Located less than 2 miles away from the sandy shore, being built alongside of their main pool, resort guests who would like to get a surfing experience will be able to catch waves even if the conditions are not suitable in the ocean.

As the digging and laying of the structure’s foundation has been completed, the next steps included installation of the transformer that will regulate the power for (2) 12,000 lb. motors.  These jets require a generous amount of electricity, pushing water with enough force to allow a surfer to stand up on a board and ride the wave.  As most people know, water and electricity do not mix well at all, the transformer was set 600 ft. away from the simulator as a required safety precaution.  The concrete pad for the transformer was first laid, then the transformer was placed on top of the pad.  Cables will then run underground supplying electricity to the motors and controls.

American Electric is proud to be part of bringing this new-age way of surfing to the Jacksonville area, as well as providing our electricians to the Sawgrass Marriott. Innovative technologies, such as the wave simulator, represent our strive to broaden services we offer to accommodate our clients with a wide range of electrical experience and knowledge.