Sawgrass Cabana Club Lighting

With renovations continuing at the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa in Ponte Vedra Beach, American Electric of Jacksonville was contracted to install lighting throughout the Resort’s ocean-side Cabana Beach Club. This club gives private beach access to club members and guests along with access to exclusive amenities including restaurants, a beach side pool, lap pool, live weekend entertainment and even shuttle rides every hour to and from the main resort.

Both up-lighting and down-lighting are in the process of being installed outdoors requiring quality fixtures durable enough to withstand the salty air.  Up-lighting is a style of lighting that directs light upwards, providing a decorative aura whether the light illuminates walls, trees, curtains or other structures.  Down-lighting directs light downwards, providing a functional safety aspect to light walkways and social areas.

Whether the Cabana Beach Club is hosting a wedding, corporate event or just an evening to relax, the lighting will not only provide safety but will also provide an enhance a valued atmosphere.  As the prestigious club offers top-notch quality and services, American Electric understands this importance and is reflected in every project we take on.