Relocating Outdoor Panelboards & Transformer

American Electric of Jacksonville was hired for a military contract to relocate a transformer with outdoor panelboards at the baseball field in Jacksonville’s Navy Base, Navel Station Mayport. The transformer and panel boards needed to be moved outside of the baseball field and placed next to the concession stand as it was in the way of the batting cage.

The project consisted of American Electric providing a new transformer pad, relocate the existing bollards and new transformer to the new location. This also involved new cabling, new load-break terminations as we also relocated pole lights and the concession stand’s irrigation pump circuits to the new panel boards. Ground junction boxes were set in place to splice conductors to the new location. The transformer was then mounted with the panelboards on the pad and bollards.

The project was then completed once the old system was terminated and the new system was re-energized. We always enjoy our time NS Mayport as we have the utmost respect for our military and all they do for our country. They will be able to enjoy playing or watching a ball game even more now that the the large transformer and panelboards have been moved out of the way.