J.C. Penney’s has Major Appliances being Wired for Stores by American Electric

American Electric of Jacksonville was commercially contracted to wire the new major appliance section of J.C. Penney stores in the Jacksonville area. The stores are located at Regency Square Mall and at The Avenues shopping center where they are beginning to start selling major appliances including: washers & dryers, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves and refrigerators. The mass quantity of the major appliances require the electrical power and the major professional experience of Wes and Jason from American Electric of Jacksonville.

The wiring of this space included the lighting and power supply for the appliances. As these were only display appliances there was no need to install specialty outlets or create a circuit for individual washers and dryers. Normally a washer would have its own 20V at 20A circuit or a dryer would use a 240V single circuit. But, no one was going to wash or dry their clothes at the store, because these were displays. A simple 110V at 20A circuit was setup to supply all the appliances. The lighting was wired and installed through the ceiling grid system using LED spot lights. These lights not only last longer than florescent or incandescent bulbs, more energy efficient and these lights even had a tint of blue to make the space look more appealing.

Commercial electrical contracting through large well-known companies, like J.C. Penney, are only assigned to an electrical contractors who have the skills and the knowledge to complete projects with high craftsmanship. American Electric of Jacksonville meets these requirements and is ready to help your company next.