Etchasoft Flourescent Lighting Repair

American Electric of Jacksonville was hired by, the software and web development company, Etchasoft Inc. to fix the florescent lighting inside their office. There were many lights that would not turn on, creating a dark work environment for these “coders” as ballasts and bulbs needed to be replaced.

Wesley, a journeyman electrician who has been working for American Electric of Jacksonville for over 10 years, came with his apprentice Mike to make the electrical repairs. The teamwork between the two was enough to get the job completed under a half a day as they replaced the needed ballasts and bulbs.

Lenses were first removed, then the bulbs and fixture cover to get to the ballast. The ballasts were tested with a voltmeter. The inoperative ballasts were marked “BAD BALLAST” to keep well organized and new ones were swapped out. Bulbs were then replaced at the same time if needed.

Working during business hours at the office was not an issue as materials were kept out of the way of the halls and doorways. Noise was also kept to a minimum not to distract the people at their desks. Bulbs were replaced within the cubes and upper-management offices fast and efficiently. Best of all, the lights did not need to be turned off in any section of the building.

The work space is much brighter now which can help boost morale and workflow throughout the company while providing safety.