AGC Flatglass North America Inc. Machines Disassembled

Located in west Jacksonville, just inside of the beltway, AGC Flatglass North America manufactures glass for buildings, automobiles, solar panels, tools and more. American Electric of Jacksonville Inc. was contracted by AGC Flat Glass North America to disassemble electrical components of glass cutting/manufacturing equipment for storage and relocation.

Many machines required to be disconnected from the 480 volt power supply, which includes: computers, tempering heaters, industrial power fans, overhead cranes and vertical glass saws. American Electric’s electricians were responsible for disconnecting each of these machines throughout the shop floor while W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor, Inc. disassembled the machines and heavy lifting onto trucks for transportation.

Each of these machines are included in a crucial role for the glass manufacturing process while the presence of electricity is of the greatest importance. The high powered supply provides the specific output of electricity to each of the machines and the computers using terminal trips and disconnect points. At AGC glass is tempered with extreme temperatures creating a reflective mirror effect. The large industrial fan then cools the glass down after the tempering process and panel saws cut the glass into specified dimensions. Overhead cranes using suction cups allow transporting these huge sheets of glass throughout the shop and to the shipping station for pickup.

Whether it’s using a scissor lift to disconnect an overhead crane from the ceiling, or laying on our backs under a tempering heater, American Electric will have the work finished professionally. As we are hired for industrial contracts, we are able to gain insight on how everyday materials are produced and how quality electrical work is essential in keeping the manufacturing industry running smoothly.