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Industrial Lighting Factory

As a full service electrical contractor, American Electric of Jacksonville provides proven industrial lighting solutions to a wide variety of client across Northeast Florida, Jacksonville and Southeast Georgia.

We work with industries to create an energy efficient and cost effective plan to incorporate state of the art lighting and task lighting solutions that meet the rigorous standards of industrial lighting systems.

Currently, most industrial lighting systems rely on inefficient high intensity discharge (HID) T12 fluorescent lamps and fixtures that use mechanical ballasts. Replacing HID industrial lighting systems with solid-state T5 lamps not only reduces energy costs, the lamps last longer reducing maintenance costs and because they are 60% smaller than the T12, valuable resources are also saved.

Induction lighting uses electromagnetic fields to create light instead of electrodes, which greatly increase the lifespan of the lamps – 25,000 to 100,000 hours. For industrial lighting systems, anytime lamp life can be increased it will automatically save money in maintenance, labor and replacement costs. Induction lighting has a conversion efficiency between 62 and 90 Lumens/Watt and due to high frequency electronic ballasts, a 95% to 98% efficiency can be expected. Important in many industrial lighting systems induction lighting provides instant on and hot re–strike capacities.

LED lighting, although more expensive than incandescent or fluorescent lighting, is the most energy efficient lighting with lifespan equal to induction lamps. Due to breakthroughs in semiconductor technology, LEDs can now meet efficiency and brightness requirements to be used in industrial lighting systems. LEDs can be used where wide area, task or flood lighting is needed.

Task lighting most likely will incorporate a variety of different luminaries, such as CFLs, LEDs and solid-state fluorescent lamps. Depending upon the light need, American Electric of Jacksonville will help you develop personalized task lighting for more efficient productivity.

Because of safety and productivity requirements for industrial lighting systems, how and where each of these lighting options can be used will be carefully weighed to meet regulatory standards.

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