Switchgear vs Switchboard: How to Identify and Install the Right Electronic Switchboards & Switchgear

Switchboards and switchgear is equipment that is subject to wear and tear if not inspected and maintained. American Electric of Jacksonville recommends that electrical switchboards be inspected every three to six months or at a minimum to test annually. We can get you on a regular testing schedule to help reduce your risk of equipment failure in your plant or facility.

American Electric - Jacksonville Switchboards and Switchgear

How to Know the Difference Between a Switchgear and Switchboard

An electrical switchboard takes incoming power and distributes it to smaller loads. They may also utilize tie breakers that can be closed to connect two separate systems for continual power in the case that one system, such as a transformer, fails. Switchgear is often designed for higher voltages. Allowable voltage is only one consideration American Electric – Jacksonville takes into account when making recommendations for electrical power distribution needs. Here are other considerations regarding the installation and use of electronic switchboards and switchgear:

  • System grounding methods
  • System coordination
  • Size and accessibility
  • Project power needs
  • Danger resulting from interruption of power
  • Cost factors
  • Maintenance considerations

We have completed switchgear and switchboard installations for industrial and commercial clients such as as the City of Jacksonville (Main Street Water Treatment Plant), Ancient City Baptist Church of St. Augustine, Eastside Community Church and many more!

The Expertise to Analyze All Types of Electrical Switchboard Applications

American Electric – Jacksonville is the US Southeast’s leader in installing electronic switchboards and switchgear. Industrial Electrical Contracting requires expertise in the solution options available in power distribution equipment. Our clients can rely on us to provide the right solution to their Industrial Electrical Contracting needs, whether working with low, medium or high voltages. We’ve successfully completed large commercial and industrial projects, including hospitals and other crucial care facilities.

There are many considerations when choosing the right power distribution equipment. American Electric – Jacksonville understands the many differences involved with electronic switchboards vs switchgear, including differences in components, configurations, standards, and applications. We inform our clients on the reliability of all the circuit breaker distribution equipment we install. We recommend the best in electronic switchboards and switchgear including product lines such as Square D by Schneider Electric™ and alternative choices by both Eaton and Siemens.

Our highly trained electrical contractors will analyze your specific industrial electrical needs and application considerations using selection criteria that means you’ll receive the right recommendations.

Let American Electric of Jacksonville help you make the right decisions regarding the purchase and installation of switchboards and switchgear for your Industrial Electrical project or facility.

The Reliability to Deliver the Best Installation and Maintenance

Powered by integrity, American Electric – Jacksonville is there for you during and after installation. We follow up after installation and offer our 24/7 After Hours Service to keep our clients protected in times of unfortunate electrical system disruption. We’ll answer your call and respond quickly. Our clients are our greatest priority. Some lookalike companies are all talk. At American Electric – Jacksonville, we deliver consistent results. And we live by our outstanding reputation for service!

Our Satisfied Clients Speak for Our A+ Rated Company:

“I cannot say enough positive things about this company! Everyone, from the phone intake person to the electricians that complete your job are extremely personable, professional, and demonstrate the integrity that we can only hope that we could receive from every business! God Bless You All at American Electric!” –Rhonda F., Better Business Bureau review