Tamper Resistant Outlet Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Tamper Resistant Outlets

According to the National Fire Protection Association -Tamper Resistant Outlets are the most effective way to prevent injuries associated with electrical outlets or receptacles. Tamper Resistant Outlets resemble and work like normal outlets, but are so much more. In fact, they provide a permanent solution to children and adults being shocked by tampering with electrical outlets.

Tamper Resistant Outlets are an important next in making the home, workspace or public space a safer place for all.

Tamper Resistant Electrical Outlets work by having spring-loaded shutters that securely close off the two slots on the wall plate, until a plug is inserted into the receptacle. As the plug is inserted it compresses the two spring loaded shutters, allowing the plug to contact the internal workings and connect to the power. Because both spring loaded shutters must be compressed at the same time, the shutters will not open when a person attempts to insert an object like a paperclip or toy into only one slot, preventing contact with the electricity.

Tamper Resistant Outlets installed by American Electric are a cost effective way to increasing the safety of all 15A-20A, 125v and 150v outlets in outside living areas or any room of your home or business.

Why You Need Tamper Resistant Electrical Outlets?

While the use of these safety outlets should not be restricted to just households with children, it’s an unfortunate fact that each year, approximately 2,400 children suffer severe shock and burns when they insert items into the slots of electrical receptacles. It is also estimated that there 6 to 12 child fatalities a year related to this issue.

Why Tamper Resistant Outlets are preferred over receptacles with plastic caps or with sliding covers?

Plastic receptacle caps can become a play toy, can be easily lost and also may be a choking hazard for some youngsters. Children can learn to defeat sliding receptacle covers when they watch their parents slide them back and forth. Tamper Resistant Outlets provide security against the insertion of objects other than cord plugs into the energized parts.

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