Disaster Recovery & Damage Assessment in Jacksonville, FL

Disaster Recover Services Jacksonville FL

Here in Jacksonville, Mother Nature has the potential to inflict massive damage to electrical systems with rising water, lightning strikes, tornados and hurricanes. However, as destructive as any disaster can be too costly electrical equipment and systems, the problems will be compounded if the hazards associated with disaster recovery are not properly identified and managed effectively.

Here at American Electric of Jacksonville, we have a lifetime of disaster recovery experience and know-how to deal with any situation and to get you back up and running. Our disaster recovery services include:

Damage Assessment – of your uninterruptible power supply units and the entire electrical distribution system, including circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear, cables, busways, relays generators, and batteries. This will produce a detailed inventory of equipment, its condition. Recommended testing and other actions needed to bring the system back online safely.

Inspection and Testing – each piece of electrical distribution equipment is physically inspected for damage, then cleaned and dried. Testing will be performed to determine the serviceability of equipment and recommendations for repair or replacement will be determined.

Repair or Reconditioning – reduction in the integrity of electrical insulation from moisture, debris lodged in the components, floodwater, chemicals, sewage, and oil will affect the ability of the equipment to perform as intended.

Spare Parts – finding the right parts to get your equipment back online can be a challenge. Our extensive network of suppliers will help to find obsolete and hard-to-find replacement parts to get you back in business.

Selecting American Electric of Jacksonville as your disaster recovery partner can and will help you get back online quickly, without taking the risk of additional electrical-related hazards. Our services are provided by experienced electricians who employ only the best practices for repair, restoration, and maintenance. We protect you both f now and in the future.

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