Tesla Charging System Installation Options in Jacksonville, FL

Tesla Charging Stations

Whether you’re looking to add the convenience of a Tesla home charging installation for your Model S, or you want to provide your customers and employees with an added benefit, let American Electric – Jacksonville handle your Tesla charging system installation. As Jacksonville’s leading electrical contractor, we stand ready to provide quality Tesla charging options at your home or place of business.

Save Time with a Tesla Home Charging Installation

When you make the investment in an electric car, you don’t want to rely on public Tesla charging stations or wait days to recharge your vehicle via a traditional outlet. That’s why American Electric – Jacksonville offers custom Tesla home charging installation.

The Wall Connector is a level 2 Tesla charging system. These 240 volt systems (the same voltage as your dryer) provide a greater flow of charge than 120V outlets, allowing you to plug in your vehicle at night and conveniently start your day fully charged. In addition to the Wall Connector, we also install 240V outlets for use with the mobile connector included in your Tesla accessory package.

We can install these Tesla charging options either indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference. Garages and driveways are usually the best options. For outdoor installations, we’ll ensure your charging station is protected from the elements. Our experienced electricians will help you determine the best Tesla home charging installation for your needs and tailor it to the precise power requirements for your Tesla model.

Let us handle everything from upgrading your service panel to trenching to installing a dedicated circuit for your charger. Don’t waste valuable time searching for the nearest public charging station. Instead, wake up and go with a Tesla home charging system from American Electric – Jacksonville.

Connect Your Business to the Tesla Destination Charging Network

Attract new customers to your hotel, restaurant, or other business with minimal investment with Tesla’s Destination Program. Interested businesses can apply here to become part of Tesla’s network of publicly available charging stations, a.k.a. the Tesla Destination Charging Network. Tesla will donate a free level 2 charger to approved businesses as well as reimburse your company for some or all of the installation costs (speak to Tesla for more details). Depending on the charger’s intended placement, additional expenses for permitting and construction may apply.

You can also apply for a free charger to be installed at your workplace. These charging stations will not be listed for public use. Instead, the charging station at your business will be available for the exclusive use of your employees. As with the Destination Program, Tesla will donate the charger and reimburse your company up to a set amount for installation costs. Submit your application today for a review by Tesla, and then call us for a quote on the installation of your Tesla charging system. We’ll ensure the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

Show your customers and employees your commitment to clean-running electric vehicles with a Tesla charger system installation from American Electric – Jacksonville.

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