Lightning Protection Installation in Florida

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Invest in Lightning Protection for Your Home or Business

The devastation from lightning strikes is more costly than protecting one’s home or business. Why incur this costly risk? American Electric – Jacksonville has you protected.

Lightning strikes are a powerful wonder to behold, but they can also cost thousands in electrical damage to your home or business. According to the Insurance Information Institute, homeowners filed “109,049 lightning claims in 2016, up 9.7 percent from 2015” ( An Institute report explains that more than 50% of these homeowner claims “were related to electrical surge damaging components or wiring, while power surges from transformer or service line shorts were also contributing factors.”

Florida ranks #1 among US states for lightning losses by a number of claims. (Source: Insurance Information Institute, State Farm®.)

Don’t worry. There is a simple solution to protecting your home or business from electrical damage caused by lightning storms. Call American Electric – Jacksonville today. Investing in a Lightning Protection System installed by the professionals at American Electric can protect your home.

According to the Lightning Protection Institute, “A lightning protection system that meets national safety standards of NFPA 780 and UL 96, UL96A includes strike termination devices, down conductors, bonding, and surge protection” ( We use UL-listed components and materials specifically manufactured for lightning protection. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent product safety certification organization. We are proficient in all UL standards and processes.

Ensure You’ll Obtain Your US Master Label Certification for Lightning Protection

American Electric – Jacksonville can ensure that you receive your US Master Label Certification for lightning protection. Insurers require high levels of safety for Commercial and Industrial businesses”. Medical and Military facilities require the same high level of Lighting Protection.

We will guarantee that your Lightning Protection System is fully compliant, correctly installed, and working properly. American Electric is a UL Listed

Installer and will complete your certification application. We’ll also address any variances after inspection by a UL field representative and resubmit your application for re-inspection.

We’ve completed jobs for residential homes, medical facilities, military bases such as NAS Jacksonville and more. You can trust in our experience, knowledge and workmanship. Don’t put off such an important step as securing the Lightning Protection of your residence, commercial/industrial building, or medical/military facility.

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