Swimming Pool Light Installation

Swimming Pool Light Installation

Adding lighting to your swimming pool and its surrounding areas will allow you to add drama to your property and to enjoy the pool and surrounding outdoor living spaces at night. Pool lighting also provides a safety measure so you can see where you are walking when the sun goes down. American Electric offers a wide selection of pool lighting solution and professional installation so your pool can be illuminated not only for safety, but to highlight it`s true beauty. Pool lighting is available in traditional or LED and is available a wide assortment of colors and programmable controls that allow you to create any mood.

Please remember, water and electric are a deadly combination. That’s why installing or repairing pool lighting is a job that should not be done by do-it-yourselfers, but entrusted to the experts at American Electric.

As with all the electrical services we preform, American Electric makes the safety of your family and guests our number one priority. We have in-depth knowledge and adhere to all local and national electrical safety codes and our licensed professional electricians will do every phase of the job right from start to finish.

American Electric Makes Your Pool Shine

Our expert electricians will ensure that the pool lighting is safe and properly grounded around the entire pool to protect against any stray voltage and the threats of possible electrical shock. We properly install electrical conduit from the pool light to the junction box and then to the pool breaker panel, and protect the connections from the possible deterioration from water intrusion. We properly install the GFCI breaker in the equipment breaker box and install the light switch for you to power the light on and off, to a junction box located safely above the water level.

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