The Different Types of Light Fixtures & Choosing The Best Lights For Your Next Remodeling Project

American Electric has the industry experience to help you select the best possible types of light fixtures for any application. Our licensed electricians have the know-how to install any type of wall mounted, free standing, surface mounted or recessed – LED incandescent, fluorescent metal halide, halogen or HSP lighting fixtures.

Different types of light fixtures

Different Types of Lighting Fixtures

The ultimate goal of any residential or commercial lighting fixture is to put the correct level of light where you need it. Lighting fixtures will not only allow a space to be well lit, but will provide need task lighting, object lighting and should correspond to the setting or application of the room or work area.

Ambient Indoor Lighting Fixtures:

Ambient lighting fixtures are intended to totally light up a room and to provide a constant level of illumination throughout the entire space. It will ensure safety and create an overview of the room.

  • Chandeliers
  • Ceiling mounted lighting fixtures
  • Wall mounted lighting fixtures
  • LED and Traditional recessed and downlight fixtures
  • Track lighting

Ambient Outdoor Lighting Fixtures:

These types of lighting fixtures are typically installed to ensure visibility and increase security around a home of commercial buildings, including exterior entrances ways and stairways.

  • Spotlights
  • Security lighting fixtures
  • Hanging lighting fixtures
  • Garage and canopy lighting fixtures
  • Post lighting fixtures
  • Wall-mount lighting fixtures
  • Recessed lighting fixtures

Task Lighting Fixtures:

Task lighting sheds light on a specific work area and eliminates shadows with a focal point of light that can create eye strain.

  • Directional gimbal recessed lighting fixtures
  • Downlight fixtures
  • Slim line bar and under cabinet lighting fixtures
  • Tape and extrusion lighting fixtures

Accent Lighting Fixtures:

  • Accent lighting is used to focus on a specific point of interest or to achieve a desired effect. This type of lighting gives the impression of a larger room and is frequently used to highlight an architectural detail, dramatic plantings, a sculpture, or a collection of objects.
  • Track lighting fixtures
  • Slim line bar and under cabinet lighting fixtures
  • Tape and extrusion lighting fixtures
  • Directional recessed and downlight fixtures
  • Wall mounted lighting fixtures

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