Keyless Entry Installation Service for Small Businesses Up to Giant Corporations

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No matter the size of your Northeast Florida or South Georgia business, American Electric will provide you with state-of-the-art keyless entry system installation. We help businesses with only a few doors all the way up to large organizations with multiple locations and thousands of employees.

American Electric delivers high quality, high performance, and user-friendly Keyless Access Control equipment and installation know-how to better protect your business and property. Keyless entry systems are a safe and effective way to provide advanced protection to any location.

Install Keyless Entry Systems that Fit Your Custom Needs

American Electric will work hand in hand with you to design a fully customized Keyless Entry System installation that satisfies your current needs while leaving room for future expansion.

Our Keyless Security Systems allow you to take control of your company’s security protocols from anywhere 24/7/365. Our mobile application lets you read system alerts, audit security records, and even adjust cardholder permissions from your mobile device or computer.

American Electric Keyless Entry Systems will allow you to easily audit your security records, track users, and time stamp records, whenever they use the access system to enter or exit the building. You will also be able to permit or deny access to certain employees to specific areas of your facility and change employee level permissions whenever you like. To further protect your employees and business assets from harm in the event of an emergency, you can immediately lock down your entire facility and contact the police with the push of a button.

Call us today to arrange a free Keyless Entry installation consultation and estimate.