What To Look For in Electrical Contractors

Do you need an electrician for electrical work in your commercial or residential property? American Electric of Jacksonville wants to make sure you have peace of mind before hiring an electrical contractor. See the must-ask questions before hiring electrical contractors in Jacksonville.

Choosing an Electrical Contractor

So you need to hire an electrical contractor. Maybe you’ve searched online or asked friends for referrals. Perhaps you’ve checked out Better Business Bureau ratings. Yet you still have doubts about how to choose the right electrical contractors for your residential, commercial or industrial electrical contracting project.

At American Electric in Jacksonville, we know that you want peace of mind before hiring an electrical contracting company. Safety record, active licensure, expertise and experience are all important considerations before signing an electrical contracting contract.

We developed our handy Right-Fit Electrical Contractor Checklist so you can feel confident when choosing an electrician contractor. Use our checklist and feel confident with your choice.

American Electric Right-Fit Electrician Contractor Checklist

  • Define specific needs: Do you have a clear idea of your electrical contracting project needs? Have you determined the requirements of the project that you would need to share with prospective electrical contractors to receive reliable cost? The more you know going into your contractor search, the more likely you’ll be to save valuable time and energy.
  • Verify active license and proper insurance: It isn’t enough to ask. Take the extra step to verify contractor licenses and insurance policies. In Florida, anyone can verify a license through DBPR Online Services. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation can be contacted for questions or to report unlicensed activity. Request a certificate of insurance from the contractor’s insurance company. Check that the contractor carries both liability and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Secure reliable customer references: A fancy website or active social media profile is nice, but nothing takes the place of talking to past customers before signing an electrical contract agreement. Go beyond reading online reviews or testimonials. Any credible, professional contractor is happy to provide references for their work.
  • Start an honest, open dialogue: You’ve defined your specific needs; now be up front about what you expect from the contractor. Expect the same from the electrical contractors you contact.
  • Compare costs but trust your gut: The lowest price isn’t always the right fit when choosing an electrical contractor. Listen to your gut. If you get an uncomfortable feeling or if something feels off, don’t rush to sign a contract. You need to feel confident. Take a second look at the other offers.

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Remember, you deserve peace of mind when hiring for a residential, commercial or industrial electrical project. Big project or small project, it doesn’t matter. Use the our Right-Fit Electrical Contractor Checklist when deciding on an electrical contractor.

American Electric in Jacksonville is an A+ rated Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau. We are happy to provide references for our work. Read about completed projects on our American Electric Blog.

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