Electrical Wiring & Panel Replacement Service in Jacksonville

American Electric offers electric panel replacement services in Jacksonville. Our licensed electricians specialize in electrical wiring, panel changes, and upgrades. We can diagnose the symptoms that lead to circuit breaker failures before you have an emergency. Get an estimate on an electric panel upgrade.

Electrical Panel Upgrade and Replacement in Jacksonville

Electrical Panel Replacement Service Jacksonville

Owning a home is part of the American dream that brings many benefits. Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages is when things stop functioning properly or break altogether. If you’re having trouble with your electricity or appliances working properly, it is probably time for an electrical panel upgrade.

Safety First: Common Signs You Need a New Electrical Panel

Not every electric panel is safe and that is why we want to make sure that your safety comes first. We specialize in replacing old electrical panels that have been recalled due to circuit breaker and wiring failures that can cause a fire. These electric panel brands include:

  • FPE (Federal Pacific)
  • Zinsco
  • Challenger

Here are some other common reasons why you should upgrade your electric box or panel.

  • Does Your Home Still Have a Fuse Box? If your home has an old-fashioned panel with fuses, common in homes built prior to 1960, then you probably want to upgrade to a properly sized circuit breakers by installing a new electrical panel.
  • Is Your Home More Than 20 Years Old? You may need a panel upgrade. 20 plus-year-old homes typically have panels that top out at 60 or 100 amps. The benefit of upgrading to 200 amp service is that it will better meet the needs of today’s technology and lifestyle.
  • Is Your Electrical Panel Warm or Worse Yet Hot? If the panel feels warm, it could be a sign that the panel is overloaded, has been improperly installed, or defective.
  • Does Your Electrical Panel Smell? If the panel gives off a burning smell, this could be a sign that either there is a bad breaker or that wirers aren’t properly connected. Either one of these warning signs can cause an electrical fire.
  • Is Your Electrical Panel Tripping Off? If your electrical panel trips often or if it makes a crackling sound, it needs to be replaced. The system will trip when you plug too many appliances into a circuit which requires more power than the circuit can provide. It’s possible you may only need to replace a breaker or two and not the whole panel.
  • Are Your Appliances Running Well? If your appliances aren’t running at full capacity, it may be a result of a faulty electrical panel or overloaded circuits. If that’s not the problem, it’s possible that the panel is outdated, and installing a new electrical panel may provide more electricity to handle the current load of your home.
  • Do Your Lights Dim or Flicker Frequently? If they do, especially when you plug in other appliances, this could be a sign of loose connections or failing panel components.
  • Are You Upgrading Your Appliances or Building an Addition? If you’re considering a major new appliance upgrade or building an addition to your home that would require additional amps, you might consider an electric panel upgrade.
  • Is it Time to Install a New Electrical Panel? Safely installing a new electrical panel or circuit breaker is not a job for the faint of heart. So call the licensed electricians at American Electric of Jacksonville – We are experience licensed electrician and have all the materials to do the job right.

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