Electrical Heat Trace Tape

Heat Trace Tape

Different customers have their own demands or preferences when it comes to trace heating. Going to hardware stores that sell these trace heating products can get overwhelming, especially if you don’t have first-hand knowledge on how specific types differ from the other. As specialists in commercial electrical contracting and industrial electrical contracting fields, we can help you understand the benefits of one of the most in demand products in the market — the heat tape.

What is Heat Trace Tape?

Heat trace tape is used to insulate electrical pipes from freezing in cold weather. It is also used to preserve the temperature of the pipe, under floor heating, and door frames protection. Trace heating takes the formation of an electrical heating element run in material contact along the extent of a pipe.

Benefits of Heat Trace Tape vs. Other Solutions

Heat trace tape and other solutions like heat cable and heat cord are similar in names but different products. The heat trace tape keeps the pipes from freezing so the liquid can keep moving. Especially in colder climates, fire sprinkler systems dry up top, but water is below and can’t freeze. Recently, we did an installation on the sprinkler system at the Cabana Beach Club at Sawgrass Marriott. We’ve also seen scenarios with cooling towers that have circulation between the cooling tower and the chiller. On average, temperatures don’t drop below 40 degrees, but freezing temps can happen in Jacksonville, typically in December and January.

Unlike other solutions, heat tape has higher power densities and temperatures, ranging from tapes with a maximum of 305 degrees up to very-high-temperature tapes rated for up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. Some types of heat tape are water resistant but must not be submerged or be affected in the event of water leakages. It needs proper installation to keep gutters and downspouts open when alternate freezing and thawing occurs. Lastly, the electrical heat tape can be controlled by a conveniently located switch equipped with an indicating pilot light to make it easier to control when and when not to heat the tape.

American Electric of Jacksonville can install heat trace tape in your home or office. We also have years of experience with industrial applications. Our electricians exceed standards for reliability and safety in electrical system planning to installation to servicing.

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