Transformer and Generator Installation in Jacksonville, FL

Generator Installation at Jacksonville Residence

What is a Transformer Generator?

Simply put Generators generate current and Transformers convert between current and voltage.

A generator is a machine which, with the help of magnetic induction, converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. This is possible by the revolution of coils in a magnetic field or by the revolution of electromagnets around a fixed coil. Generators usually generate alternating current, which may, using various devices, be converted into direct current. Generators work in the opposite manner as electrical motors, although an electrical motor can operate in the same way as a generator.

A transformer converts voltage into higher or lower voltages. Different voltage levels are used when generating electrical power, when transferring it, or when using it in a plant or institution. A transformer is made of two coils (primary/field and secondary/inductance), between which there is no electrical contact. If we allow a current to pass through the primary coil, a magnetic field is generated which changes, but which maintains the same frequency.

Expert Transformer and Generator Installation

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