Installing Underground Power Lines in Jacksonville, FL

Underground Power Line Installation

Rely on American Electric’s Expertise in Underground Power Line Installation

American Electric of Jacksonville is your expert Commercial Electrical provider of underground power line installations. Our highly trained electrical contracting team can handle installing any size underground utility lines: electric, telecom, or data. We’ve installed underground primary and secondary conduits for new subdivisions and can handle any overhead to underground utility conversion project.

Undergrounding electric lines provide many benefits:

  • Minimization of Power Outages
  • A More Attractive Neighborhood or Community
  • Increased Safety

Jacksonville, FL, and the US Southeast Depend on Our Fast, Reputable Service

We’re not in it for the short run. We’d like to be your committed Commercial Electrical Contractor and will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction.

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New subdivisions or established apartment complexes, American Electric – Jacksonville is working for neighborhoods, residents, and landlords installing underground power lines.

Working for Your Local Power Company, Too! Providing Street Lights and Poles

Our expertise includes installing street lighting for power companies as well. A well-lit neighborhood is a safer neighborhood. And, the right choice in street lights is an important part of neighborhood beautification.

American Electric – Jacksonville is your right choice for street lights and poles. We’ll provide smart options and a custom lighting solution to meet your neighborhood’s specific lighting needs. Concrete, aluminum, fiberglass? Decorative or industrial? We offer multiple options, tailored for your Commercial Electrical project.

We’ll work with the power company to safely and efficiently install light poles and underground power lines while staying on budget and on schedule with minimal disruption. Our clients can count on it!

It starts with a phone call or our easy, fast Online Request Form. Let’s plan your Commercial Electrical project today. (904) 721-4044