Recessed Lighting for Home and Business in Jacksonville

Recessed lighting, also known as cans, high hats and spotlights are some of the most versatile lighting options out there. Whether you choose to use them for down lighting, wall lighting or even up lighting these light are a great solution for providing ambient light in a variety of residential and commercial spaces. Recessed lighting is used to light a room or as accent lighting to highlight furniture, artwork or the just the wall itself.

The most common uses of recessed lighting, is down lighting from the ceiling, which is a perfect solution if you want to evenly light any room. But you can also install recessed light into a wall, using a reflector flange to illuminate a work area pathway or staircase. In ground recessed lighting is typically used in outdoor applications to illuminate a pathway, outdoor living area or to add dramatic up lighting to the building or landscaping.

Understanding the Components

A recessed light consists of two components, the housing and the trim. The housing contains all workings and the trim is what you’ll see after installation. As each component need to fit together so it’s most important to buy them together as one package.

Buying the correct type of Housing is important

For new construction, you’ll want a housing that can be installed when the ceiling joists are still visible – before the sheet rock goes up.

For remodels, or if you are upgrading to LED’s, you’ll need a housing that will fit through the existing opening and held in place with accompanying clips.

Selecting the correct Bulbs will enhance your lifestyle

Most bulbs in recessed lighting are integrated LED, where no bulb needed. But if you’re using a non-LED recessed light, there are plenty of different styles of lamps to fit the specifications of any configuration. The following list of bulb types and rooms recommendations will help making your selection easier.

A type bulbs are the most common type of used for a variety of applications.
R type bulbs contain a reflector and excellent beam control making them perfect for spotlights, floodlights and display lighting.
PAR type bulbs are excellent for task lighting, as well as general lighting.
MR16 type bulbs are ideal for accent lighting due to their excellent beam control with their long beams and wide spread.

Room by Room Recommendations

Kitchens require high ambient – 700-1200 Lumens per light
Dining Rooms require moderate ambient light – 600-1000 Lumens per light
Living Rooms and Dens require Low ambient light – 400-800 Lumens per light
Bathrooms require High ambient light – 700-1200 Lumens per light
Hallways require Low ambient light – 400-800 Lumens per light

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Recessed lighting can be installed in new construction
With so many different applications and looks, it’s tough to know where to begin…

This guide will give you the rundown on what you need to know about getting the right recessed lights for your needs and incorporating them into your space.