Panelized Lighting Systems

Panelized Lighting Systems

Whether you are building a new home or updating you current home, a panelized lighting system will bring you the many benefits of in-home technology to simplify your life and improve the livability of your residence.

Simply put, an American Electric Panelized Lighting Systems allows you to control in-home functions from the convenience of one centrally located control panel.

Some of the many benefits of a Panelized Lighting System proved and installed by the Residential and Commercial Lighting Experts at American Electric:

  • Preselect specific indoor and outdoor areas to be lit with pre-determined light levels. As an example: you can select different light settings for “family living” – “entertaining” – “emergencies” or even “cleaning”
  • The Panelized Lighting System can be programmed to turn on lights in specific pathways within your home when you enter the door, or even in the middle of the night, when you get out of bed
  • The Panelized Lighting System will work seamlessly with all types of lighting including – LED, Incandescent, Halogen, and Fluorescents and can be programmed to turn specific area lighting on and off at pre-determined times
  • The Panelized Lighting Systems can be connected to your Wi-fi Network and controlled from an iPhone or Android Application
  • Panelized Lighting Systems can be installed in new or existing construction
  • The Panelized Lighting System can be controlled from the central control panel or manually controlled from a wall switch
  • Panelized Lighting Systems gives you the ability to control virtually any number of lighting fixtures, ever in the largest of homes, from a small multi-function keypad
  • The Panelized Lighting System multi-function keypad allows you to easily control multiple systems within your home, such as window, door, air conditioning, fans, shades and entertainment systems

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