LED Conversions & Retrofits

LED Conversions and Retrofits

Jacksonville businesses and organizations of all sizes are looking for ways to cut their energy consumption and reduce utility costs. The LED lighting experts at American Electric are here to help you every step of the way. The use of energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) technologies in new lighting equipment installations has become the norm for new construction. However, for existing construction there is an even larger movement underway to install LED retrofit or conversion kits in existing incandescent, fluorescent metal halide, halogen or HSP lighting as a less expensive alternative to installing new LED fixtures.

The Benefits of LED Retrofit and Conversions

Reduced Energy Cost and Comparable or Better Light Quality
Improved Energy Efficiency
LED technology is highly energy efficient and will drastically reduce energy usage in all retrofit conversions. Switching from traditional lighting to LED lighting solutions can reduce energy usage by 50% or more.

Reduced Maintenance
LED lights can last up to 25 times longer than old style incandescent lighting. This increased life span reduces the maintenance needs of both indoor and outdoor lights.

Lower Heat Production
Incandescent lighting produces a lot of heat. LED lighting produces very little heat, which reduces energy use and lowers cooling costs.

Environmentally Friendly
The materials used to produce modern LED lighting are much more environmentally friendly than the materials needed to manufacture older types of lighting technology, such as fluorescent.

Focused Lighting
Unlike many other types of lighting, LEDs produce light in a specific direction; this allows LED light to be focused in the desired location without the need for expensive reflectors.

This combination of benefits will bring improved lighting, significant energy savings to your business, and produce a strong ROI.

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