Ceiling Fan Installation Jacksonville FL

American Electric offers ceiling fan installation services in Jacksonville. Our licensed electricians specialize in ceiling fans and installation. We have experience installing indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. Get your ceiling fan installed today.

Ceiling Fan Installation in Jacksonville

Ceiling Fan Installation in Jacksonville Florida & Southeast Georgia

If you have ever tried to install a ceiling fan, you already know it’s a task that requires at least three hands, lots of patience, and more than DIY electrical knowledge or the proper tools. Ceiling fans can make a big difference in your indoor and outdoor living environment. They provide additional cooling and heating at a far lower operating cost than almost any other item performing a similar task.

So if you want your ceiling fan circuit installation done right at an affordable price – call the professionals at America Electric of Jacksonville. Our licensed and uniformed electrician will arrive at your home quickly in a work van that is properly stocked with everything needed to do the job right the first time. Don’t wrestle trying to install your own fan—call the professionals at American Electric of Jacksonville. We will perform all the ceiling fan installation functions and inspect the ceiling fan circuits to ensure your new fan and switches are installed without wobbling and safely connected to the breaker box.

Ceiling Fan Installation: First Steps

Ceiling fan installation begins by choosing where the fan should be located. In most cases, the fan is installed in the center of the room by replacing a central light fixture or creating a new hole. This central location will provide smooth airflow throughout the room, which is essential if you want the ceiling fan to help cool and heat the room properly.

Most ceiling fans draw about the same amount of power as a ceiling light fixture, so it probably won’t overload the circuit. However, if your fan includes lights, we will make sure the circuit it’s on has enough extra capacity to handle the additional load. We will handle all the details to help ensure the comfort and safety of your family including running a new line or installing a new circuit breaker if necessary.

Ceiling fans are the perfect solution for our Jacksonville, FL climate

Consider having American Electric install additional ceiling fans throughout your home. We have experience installing ceiling fans in living rooms, dining rooms, TV rooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and outdoor living areas.

Types and Styles of Ceiling Fans

  • Standard Ceiling Fans
  • Low Profile Ceiling Fans
  • Energy Star Ceiling Fans
  • Dual Motor Ceiling Fans
  • Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans
  • Damp & Wet Ceiling Fans
  • Industrial, Agricultural & Commercial Ceiling Fans

Common Areas for Ceiling Fans:

  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Covered porches
  • Covered patios
  • Sun-rooms

Best Ceiling Fan by Room Side:

  • 52-inch fan can cool up to a 400 sq ft room
  • 44-inch fan can cool up to 225 sq ft room
  • 42-inch fan can cool up to 144 sq ft room

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