Guarding Against Common Electrical Hazards

Guarding Against Common Electrical Hazards

At American Electric of Jacksonville, we know that guarding against electrical hazards saves lives. That is why we are called on regularly to ensure the electrical safety of commercial and industrial buildings, during remodeling, tenant improvements, or new construction.

We all tend to take electricity for granted, because when we need light it’s there. When we need power, all we have to do is plug in. And it works. However, when it does not work, it can be unsafe and extremely dangerous.

If your wiring system is no longer adequate to handle your demands or was not installed correctly or properly maintained, it can easily lead to fire.

Potential Hazards to Consider:

  • Is your wiring 20 years or older? It could be outdated, in need of upgrades or replacement
  • Are you experiencing lights that dim or flicker without explanation?
  • Do you have a fuse box?
  • Do you breakers repeatedly trip, or outlets feel warm, spark or smell?
  • Do you have a Knob and Tube system?
  • Is you amp service adequate for your daily needs?
  • Are there any outlets or electrical equipment near water?
  • Do you have adequate Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)?
  • Was your wiring system installed by a licensed electrician (If not it could negate insurance coverage)
  • Are all outlets and fixtures properly installed?
  • Are you using to correct wattage light bulbs?
  • Is the main power supply to your building safe?
  • Are power strips or outlets overloaded?
  • Do you have any wiring that shows signs of wear of fraying?

If you say yes to any of the above, call the licensed electricians at American Electric of Jacksonville. We can perform an electrical safety inspection of your facility, walk you through our recommendations and make the proper corrections to ensure the safety of your customers, staff and business.

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