Emergency Standby Generator Installation & Maintenance

American Electric of Jacksonville provides certified emergency standby generator installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our experienced electricians will get you on a regular testing schedule to help reduce your risk of generator failure. Talk to one of our experts to schedule your emergency generator service.

Emergency Generator Installation at a Commissary

Factory Certified Emergency Generator Installers for leading manufacturers like Gererac and Kohler

An emergency standby generator will ensure your home or business remains energized during a power outage. Emergency generators offer a stable solution to extended power outages and are available in several sizes to address your specific power needs. Unlike portable generators, they are installed permanently on a concrete pad and will provide uninterrupted power backup for days. They are connected directly to your home’s electrical panel and powered by an external fuel supply, like natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel.

Types of Generators

Emergency back up power comes in many options. Protect your home, IT Department, or entire business with an industrial strength generator so that you are prepared for any emergency situations.

  • Home Generators
  • Commercial Generators
  • Industrial Generators
  • Mobile Generators

Emergency generators operate by automatically disconnecting your property from the public utility, after detecting an interruption in your electrical service. Once your home is safely off the power grid, a switch automatically starts up the generator before transferring its power to the home’s electrical panel. When municipal power is restored, the switch shuts down the generator and reconnects your house back to the grid. This seamless operation makes an emergency standby generator ideal for families with small children, and those needing uninterrupted use of electric-powered medical equipment. Just as importantly, the automatic transfer switch acts as a safety mechanism as well. It prevents back-feeding electricity to the grid, a potentially lethal practice that can start fires and harm utility workers attempting to restore your neighborhood’s power.

You Can Trust The Licensed Electricians at American Electric of Jacksonville to Install Your Generator Right!

Emergency generator installation is NOT a DIY project! It is a complex task that requires advanced electrical skills, as well as knowledge of local building and safety codes. You’ll also need permits before you start and inspections following installation.

Your emergency generator will stay healthy through a lifetime of power outages if you keep it serviced properly. Talk with us about our generator service and maintenance plan.

Whether you need backup power for camping, on a construction site, call center, home or industrial facility our wide range of Generac generators are up to the task. Contact American Electric of Jacksonville for professional Emergency Generator Installation service.