Solar Power System Installation for Homes and Businesses in Jacksonville, FL

Solar Panel Installation

Advances in solar powered electric and photovoltaic technology, coupled with affordable pricing, and utility company and tax incentives have made solar electric a smart choice for many commercial and residential users. Solar power is a proven way to provide energy independence, save you money and make a greener world. It also gives you power when the public utility power grid is done for any reason.

American Electric of Jacksonville, Solar Panel Installation Done Right!

American Electric of Jacksonville uses the same teams of professional – licensed electricians for each solar panel installation project. We have decades of experience preforming top quality, full-service electrical contracting services in local factories, businesses, military bases and homes of all sizes.

You can’t afford to leave your solar panel installation and complex electrical connections to amateurs with minimal training. Our licensed electricians have in-depth field experience in providing turn-key solar panel, photovoltaic installations. Our years of experience will ensure you are reaping all the benefits of converting the suns into solar power. And like every project we do, our friendly electricians will answer any questions, address any concerns and perform all the electrical work needed to safely install and connect your Solar Power system to your home or business, be it new construction or an existing property, even in off the power grid locations.

American Electric Solal Power Experts will handle all the details of your Solar Power System and Safe Installation

  • We will help and advise you in designing a new solar energy system that gives you the best in solar energy for your family, home, business and employees
  • We will secure local permitting
  • We will prepare any necessary paperwork for the utility company
  • We will help you define and install solar power system that qualifies for the maximum government incentives allowed
  • We will ensure all work meets or exceeds safety and planning and zoning requirements
  • We will professionally install a complete solar roof mounted or free standing system
  • We will arrange and coordinate all required inspections and sign offs

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