Troubleshooting a Power Loss in Your Jacksonville Home

Troubleshooting Power Loss

All Jacksonville home owners have experienced a power outage, but if you haven’t… you’re lucky! When the power goes out, the first thing to do is determine whether the problem lies just within your home, or is it a JEA utility outage. If your entire house is out of power and it looks like your neighbors have lost power too, call your utility company…the fix is up to them. But if your neighbor’s lights are on, and your home’s electrical power is still not working, the problem is unfortunately with your homes electrical system.

Power loss is generally caused by an overloaded circuit, a short circuit, or loose wiring. If the power went out when someone was using a microwave, hair dryer, or other device that draws a lot of current, it was probably caused by a circuit overload.

If the circuit was overloaded, the circuit breaker should have tripped “off” or a fuse should have blown. If the non-working circuit has a GFCI receptacle or circuit breaker, you can often solve the power loss problem by simply turning the circuit switch off and on, or pushing the reset button.

If your circuits are protected by fuses, remove and replace those that are blown. (The front of a blown fuse will look black and charred.) Turn off or unplug everything connected to that effected circuit. Then replace the fuse. If the circuit blows immediately, there is probably a charred wire or defective device in the circuit that will require replacement. If your home still has an outdated fuse box, please call us. American Electric can rewire and upgrade your home with a much safer and family friendly circuit breaker system.

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It is never a good idea for even the most accomplished do-it-yourselfers to work on in home electrical systems. Call the professionals at American Electric and our licensed electricians will have you back up and running fast!

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