Wiring USPS Automation

American Electric of Jacksonville was commercially contracted at Jacksonville, Florida’s USPS hub facility.  The rail track motors which move the packages inside of mail carrier carts and automated gate switches which sort the packages, both needed to be replaced. The contract included the installation and wiring of these motors.  Tracks and gates run throughout the building using automation which require precise electrical work for USPS to continue their reputation of “logistics.”

The USPS logistics are not only included in the tracks and switches that move the packages but is highly emphasized in the work ethics of their employees and the contractors acquired to maintain the machines and equipment.  Under strict protocol the work needed to be completed professionally in a timely manner.

Tracks that run throughout the building also run under the flooring.  This required panels to be removed and the electricians to crawl into the tracks to complete the motor installation.

Automated switches were also wired to the automated system that functions seamlessly with carts moving on the track, scanners and gates.  These switches complete the sorting from the received packages loaded off the trucks, through facility as they are sorted then back to the loading dock for delivery.

The definition of logistics, according to Webster Dictionary is, “the things that must be done to plan and organize a complicated activity or event that involves many people”.  The electricians at American Electric, including Wesley, DJ, Mike and Thomas, have been trained to use these same principles in their trade and throughout our company.

SF6 Switch Replaced at NS Mayport by American Electric

American Electric of Jacksonville, Inc. was contracted to replace the FSF6 switch at Naval Station Mayport.  This switch gives power to the runway, lighting up the landing strip and half of the harbor supplying battle ships and aircraft carriers. We had a specifically timed deadline as there was no electricity delivered to these crucial areas, temporarily limiting training drills and daily military activities, during the completion of this job.

As the power was disconnected, the generators started up. The old switch was removed off the pad using a Towmotor forklift disconnecting the high voltage cables. The new switch was then installed on the pad and high voltage cables were connected.  Using a phase stick, we set the order of the power switch’s phases controlling an automation process of electrical distribution. The switch was activated and the job was completed within the military guidelines with the runway and harbor back to normal procedures.

With no room for error, a timed deadline on base requires electricians with experience and know how to finish the project with precision for not only the safety of those on the Navy Base, but for our county.  American Electric supports our military and is helping to keep our military strong.

J.C. Penney’s has Major Appliances being Wired for Stores by American Electric

American Electric of Jacksonville was commercially contracted to wire the new major appliance section of J.C. Penney stores in the Jacksonville area. The stores are located at Regency Square Mall and at The Avenues shopping center where they are beginning to start selling major appliances including: washers & dryers, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves and refrigerators. The mass quantity of the major appliances require the electrical power and the major professional experience of Wes and Jason from American Electric of Jacksonville.

The wiring of this space included the lighting and power supply for the appliances. As these were only display appliances there was no need to install specialty outlets or create a circuit for individual washers and dryers. Normally a washer would have its own 20V at 20A circuit or a dryer would use a 240V single circuit. But, no one was going to wash or dry their clothes at the store, because these were displays. A simple 110V at 20A circuit was setup to supply all the appliances. The lighting was wired and installed through the ceiling grid system using LED spot lights. These lights not only last longer than florescent or incandescent bulbs, more energy efficient and these lights even had a tint of blue to make the space look more appealing.

Commercial electrical contracting through large well-known companies, like J.C. Penney, are only assigned to an electrical contractors who have the skills and the knowledge to complete projects with high craftsmanship. American Electric of Jacksonville meets these requirements and is ready to help your company next.

Repairing Fire Damange at World Golf Village

American Electric was called to the aftermath of a fire at the Renaissance Resort and Convention Center in World Golf Village.  The ballroom damages we were contracted to repair included cleaning out and reinstalling recess lights, fire alarms, music speakers and the Evac system.

After the carpet was ripped out and the ventilation system was cleaned out, our electricians were in the scissor-lift restoring the space to working order.  We removed the grid system which held the ceiling tiles in place to access the wiring inside the coffered ceiling. The electrical equipment was cleaned and reinstalled. The refurbished ceiling tile grid system was then replaced to complete the job.

At the time there was a convention held with vendors unable to display their products.  It was up to us to make sure following conventions in this hall would resume as soon as possible.

Apartment Complex Transformer and Primary Cable Replacement

American Electric was hired by Heart Utilities to replace a transformer and primary cable at the Silver Creek Apartments. Located east of the St. John’s River off of Atlantic Blvd, this was a neighborhood job as our office is less than a minute away from our office.

The defective transformer was originally installed in the 1970’s and causing the primary switch to fail, creating a power outage for the building. This required the installation of the new transformer. Power was supplied to the transformer using a flexible PVC conduit encasing the line and placed in the dirt 8ft deep. The line was then navigated 300ft by a locator to the utility pole and terminated at the jack with the provided power from the overhead power lines.

As we were contracted by Heart Utilities, American Electric was able to resolve the issue and give power back to the residents of the building.

AGC Flatglass North America Machines Disassembled

Located in west Jacksonville, just inside of the beltway, AGC Flatglass North America manufactures glass for buildings, automobiles, solar panels, tools and more. American Electric of Jacksonville Inc. was contracted by AGC Flat Glass North America to disassemble electrical components of glass cutting/manufacturing equipment for storage and relocation.

Many machines required to be disconnected from the 480 volt power supply, which includes: computers, tempering heaters, industrial power fans, overhead cranes and vertical glass saws. American Electric’s electricians were responsible for disconnecting each of these machines throughout the shop floor while W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor, Inc. disassembled the machines and heavy lifting onto trucks for transportation.

Each of these machines are included in a crucial role for the glass manufacturing process while the presence of electricity is of the greatest importance. The high powered supply provides the specific output of electricity to each of the machines and the computers using terminal trips and disconnect points. At AGC glass is tempered with extreme temperatures creating a reflective mirror effect. The large industrial fan then cools the glass down after the tempering process and panel saws cut the glass into specified dimensions. Overhead cranes using suction cups allow transporting these huge sheets of glass throughout the shop and to the shipping station for pickup.

Whether it’s using a scissor lift to disconnect an overhead crane from the ceiling, or laying on our backs under a tempering heater, American Electric will have the work finished professionally. As we are hired for industrial contracts, we are able to gain insight on how everyday materials are produced and how quality electrical work is essential in keeping the manufacturing industry running smoothly.

New Outdoor Lighting at Sawgrass Marriott Pool Installed by American Electric

American Electric of Jacksonville has been hired by Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa to install outdoor lighting in and around it’s new outdoor pool.  Within the championship golf courses of Sawgrass lies a new pool to keep the Marriott’s guests relaxed.  To increase the new pool’s ambiance and more importantly for safety, American Electric created pathways lighting up the pool and pool area.  When the sun sets there is still time to enjoy the pool and go for a swim.

View the gallery of images along with the YouTube playlist of American Electric’s work at Sawgrass Marriott.

American Electric Replaces Florescent Ballasts and Bulbs at Etchasoft

American Electric of Jacksonville was hired by, the software and web development company, Etchasoft Inc. to fix the florescent lighting inside their office. There were many lights that would not turn on, creating a dark work environment for these “coders” as ballasts and bulbs needed to be replaced.

Wesley, a journeyman electrician who has been working for American Electric of Jacksonville for over 10 years, came with his apprentice Mike to make the electrical repairs. The teamwork between the two was enough to get the job completed under a half a day as they replaced the needed ballasts and bulbs.

Lenses were first removed, then the bulbs and fixture cover to get to the ballast. The ballasts were tested with a voltmeter. The inoperative ballasts were marked “BAD BALLAST” to keep well organized and new ones were swapped out. Bulbs were then replaced at the same time if needed.

Working during business hours at the office was not an issue as materials were kept out of the way of the halls and doorways. Noise was also kept to a minimum not to distract the people at their desks. Bulbs were replaced within the cubes and upper-management offices fast and efficiently. Best of all, the lights did not need to be turned off in any section of the building.

The work space is much brighter now which can help boost morale and workflow throughout the company while providing safety.

Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa Entrance Lights

American Electric of Jacksonville has been commercially contracted to install LED up and down lights for the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa entrance way. This 4 star Ponte Vedra Beach hotel is host to two golf championships including The Players Championship (TPC) and The Web.com Tour Championship. This project had a tight deadline and needed to be completed prior to The Players Championship.

It involved American Electric removing the old incandescent lights and installing new LED lighting. LED lights have a 40 times longer lifespan, use about 10 times less power, are brighter and more environmentally friendly then incandescent lights. All the new lights had to be installed on existing timers and photo sensors to control from dusk until dawn.

Downlights were installed in trees with special Velcro strap type boxes, which are adjustable, giving room for the trees to grow. The halve walls at the front of the entrance were illuminated with tape lighting by Fireflex and the Marriott sign with LED Spot Lights.

All the lights were Installed in 5 weeks, 3 days before the The Players Championship. American Electric of Jacksonville is familiar with a wide range of knowledge and can complete projects efficiently, meeting deadlines while satisfying our customers.

The 2000kva Generator we installed at Freedom Commerce Centre

American Electric of Jacksonville has been commercially contracted to install a 2000kva Generator for the Incomm Building in the Freedom Commerce Centre. The 752,154 sq ft Freedom Commerce Centre is located in the Baymeadows area of Jacksonville, Florida and has been previously occupied by huge corporations including: Florida Blue and Citigroup Inc. This is a powerful generator needed to keep businesses running when the power goes out.

During this commercial contract American Electric had to troubleshoot and problem solve several issues to fit the needs of the generator installation project. The main electrical service was in the middle of the building which the feeder had to be piped from to the exterior as shown in the photos. The new owners did not want to hear the generator running so it was installed on the far side of the parking lot. They also did not want to cut up the asphalt so we had Nav-Tech Directional Drilling to directional bore to relocated generator location.

The generator was installed and placed on the concrete pad poured by JC Standford. The electric cables were then fed though and wired. As the project was nearing completion we installed generator panel and three transfer switches along with the 2 UPS systems (battery backups). No project is too big or complex for American Electric to complete and satisfy the needs using strategy to maintain office productivity.