Parking Lot Lights

Daylight Savings has come upon us, falling back, with the sun setting at 5:30PM. American Electric of Jacksonville has been commercially contracted by Etchasoft to repair the parking lot lights. For the safety of the employees and guests the lights are needed while walking through the parking lot to and from their parked cars.

Wesley and DJ were sent to the jobsite to assess the situation, located in the Southpoint area of Jacksonville FL. The lights were just inside of the building’s property line and finding out where they were wired to was the first step.  Using a multimeter to test the electrical resistance was the first step in finding out where to terminate the power from.  It turned out the electricity was supplied from the building next-door even though the lights were on their property.

The lights are controlled amd automated by both a photo cell and timer.  The photocell enables the lights to be controlled by the sunlight as they turn on when it’s dark out and off when there is daylight.  The timer then prevents the lights from turning on if it’s a cloudy day and can cut down on the electric bill.

To get the lights back up and running, required ballasts and bulbs to be replaced. Utilizing a pneumatic lift to reach 25ft off the ground, the glass panel was removed.  The old bulbs and ballasts were removed and the new hardware was installed.  This included 400 watt bulbs to shed light throughout the entire parking space and entrance way.

Troubleshooting and clear communication between the businesses in each building, combined with the electrical knowledge, were the ultimate needs to have the parking lot lights glowing again. At American Electric, we are willing to the extra yard to make the parking lot and businesses in our community a brighter place.

Wiring USPS Automation

American Electric of Jacksonville was commercially contracted at Jacksonville, Florida’s USPS hub facility.  The rail track motors which move the packages inside of mail carrier carts and automated gate switches which sort the packages, both needed to be replaced. The contract included the installation and wiring of these motors.  Tracks and gates run throughout the building using automation which require precise electrical work for USPS to continue their reputation of “logistics.”

The USPS logistics are not only included in the tracks and switches that move the packages but is highly emphasized in the work ethics of their employees and the contractors acquired to maintain the machines and equipment.  Under strict protocol the work needed to be completed professionally in a timely manner.

Tracks that run throughout the building also run under the flooring.  This required panels to be removed and the electricians to crawl into the tracks to complete the motor installation.

Automated switches were also wired to the automated system that functions seamlessly with carts moving on the track, scanners and gates.  These switches complete the sorting from the received packages loaded off the trucks, through facility as they are sorted then back to the loading dock for delivery.

The definition of logistics, according to Webster Dictionary is, “the things that must be done to plan and organize a complicated activity or event that involves many people”.  The electricians at American Electric, including Wesley, DJ, Mike and Thomas, have been trained to use these same principles in their trade and throughout our company.

Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa Entrance Lights

American Electric of Jacksonville has been commercially contracted to install LED up and down lights for the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa entrance way. This 4 star Ponte Vedra Beach hotel is host to two golf championships including The Players Championship (TPC) and The Tour Championship. This project had a tight deadline and needed to be completed prior to The Players Championship.

It involved American Electric removing the old incandescent lights and installing new LED lighting. LED lights have a 40 times longer lifespan, use about 10 times less power, are brighter and more environmentally friendly then incandescent lights. All the new lights had to be installed on existing timers and photo sensors to control from dusk until dawn.

Downlights were installed in trees with special Velcro strap type boxes, which are adjustable, giving room for the trees to grow. The halve walls at the front of the entrance were illuminated with tape lighting by Fireflex and the Marriott sign with LED Spot Lights.

All the lights were Installed in 5 weeks, 3 days before the The Players Championship. American Electric of Jacksonville is familiar with a wide range of knowledge and can complete projects efficiently, meeting deadlines while satisfying our customers.

Amelia Island Mansion Wired by American Electric

American Electric of Jacksonville has been hired for a residential contract by EC Keyon to wire this brand new mansion in Amelia Island. Amelia Island is located in Nassau County, northwest of Jacksonville and is known for its luxury and beauty with 2 ocean front state parks and 7 golf courses. This 17,841 sq. ft. house is located both on the Amelia Island Golf Course and is oceanfront, shown in these photos the views are truly breathtaking.

The four-year-long project started December of 2006 and was finished in December of 2010 by American Electric. This house required a 1200 Amp Service we wired throughout to power the plugs, switches and lights we installed, as well as being connected to a programmable dimming system. The dimming system included timed automation to turn on the lights in the driveway and programmed paths in the house. The 3 story commercial elevator that had been installed was also wired, along with a state of the art 100kw whisper quiet generator located inside the house in case of a power outage.

American Electric was hired for this residential electrical contract because of our reputation in the highest quality of electricians and project management. “Our focus on customer satisfaction is second to none which has made us the industry leader in the Southeast.”