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Loop 3 Rewired at USPS Hub

American Electric of Jacksonville continues with their electrical contract at the United States Postal Service Hub in Jacksonville, FL.  It was time for Loop 3 to be rewired, one of (3) loops that moves and sorts mail from the shipping docks while traveling throughout the complex and back to the shipping docks.

The loops connect to the loop controller, a super-computer that handles the automation, determining the speed, switches and scanners along the track while determining the packages destination.  Our electricians and electrical technicians worked between the controller, loop and VFD (Variable Frequency Drives).

The VFD connects to the loops motors and provides a circuit which can be changed gradually, allowing less electricity to pass to slow when the carts need to stop or speed up when more power is supplied. This comes in important use as carts move to different switches along the loop in route of the final location.  This control in easing the amount of electricity not only decreases wear and tear on the carts and motors but also helps keep the mail inside the carts.

Keeping these machines maintained with new wiring is needed as they are used every day. At any point there were to be a disconnect in the system, it would cost much more than labor to fix as mail would be delayed throughout the city. It is up to these automated systems to ensure that the mail is delivered on time to the people of Jacksonville.

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