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Electrical Circuit Repair

American Electric of Jacksonville was contracted by Etchasoft Inc., a web and software development company located in Jacksonville’s Southside, to replace a 30 AMP electrical circuit with a 60 AMP circuit.  The electrical work needed is for new air conditioning units being installed in the same week.  This required a flexible scheduling on top of the mess Hurricane Matthew left, which caused much electrical damage throughout the area.  An appointment was made to first assess the job, the needed materials were ordered and an electrician was provided to complete the project.

Wesley and Mike worked in between the conference room, where the breaker panel is, and the AC maintained room in the attic space.  The cabinets have been previously removed allowing access to the breaker panel and the casing was removed.  The old 30AMP circuit was removed, then the 60AMP circuit was installed and wired to the AC system.  Breakers were shifted within the panel allowing space for the new breaker which was then installed.

As natural disasters occur and electricians are needed, many electrical contractors become overwhelmed with the mass load of work. At American Electric, we have the ability to schedule flexible hours when a job needs to be completed.

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