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Parking Lot Lights

Daylight Savings has come upon us, falling back, with the sun setting at 5:30PM. American Electric of Jacksonville has been commercially contracted by Etchasoft to repair the parking lot lights. For the safety of the employees and guests the lights are needed while walking through the parking lot to and from their parked cars.

Wesley and DJ were sent to the jobsite to assess the situation, located in the Southpoint area of Jacksonville FL. The lights were just inside of the building’s property line and finding out where they were wired to was the first step.  Using a multimeter to test the electrical resistance was the first step in finding out where to terminate the power from.  It turned out the electricity was supplied from the building next-door even though the lights were on their property.

The lights are controlled amd automated by both a photo cell and timer.  The photocell enables the lights to be controlled by the sunlight as they turn on when it’s dark out and off when there is daylight.  The timer then prevents the lights from turning on if it’s a cloudy day and can cut down on the electric bill.

To get the lights back up and running, required ballasts and bulbs to be replaced. Utilizing a pneumatic lift to reach 25ft off the ground, the glass panel was removed.  The old bulbs and ballasts were removed and the new hardware was installed.  This included 400 watt bulbs to shed light throughout the entire parking space and entrance way.

Troubleshooting and clear communication between the businesses in each building, combined with the electrical knowledge, were the ultimate needs to have the parking lot lights glowing again. At American Electric, we are willing to the extra yard to make the parking lot and businesses in our community a brighter place.

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