American Electric Safety Policies

Safety Policies

On Site, In Service, In Practice

American Electric of Jacksonville is absolutely tenacious when it comes to the safety of not only our workers but especially where as our customers are concerned. Considering the high-risk probability of electrical work we strive to diminish the potential of any unsafe events and/or conditions.

We are constantly researching and developing better and more efficient methods for performing every function and service that we provide to enhance the safety of our team and our clients.

The Priority of Safety

Safety is priority one for both our team of technicians and customers. Since our inception it has been our goal to achieve a level of zero accidents or injuries. We approach this task by training our staff in the latest and most efficient safety methods and procedures regarding all of the aspects of electrical contracting. By maintaining an extremely low level of accidents and injuries we qualify for lower insurance rates which in turn lower our overhead which transfers into lower prices for our customers.

At American Electric of Jacksonville we believe expert electrical contracting can be fast and accurate without sacrificing the safety of our team or our clients.

On The Job Safety

When it comes to safety we treat every job site as if it were our own. We are diligent in maintaining a high level of safety for our technicians by outfitting them with the appropriate tools and knowledge needed to accomplish the job safely.

Safety Protocol

American Electric of Jacksonville adheres to a disciplined set of safety protocols that exceed OSHA compliances:

  • Our standards exceed OSHA compliance levels
  • Extensive background screening of new employees
  • Proper training of employees in safety procedures
  • Frequent evaluation of equipment regarding safety levels
  • Weekly staff meetings focused on safety practices
  • Drug free work place
  • Extensive site / job evaluation for potential hazards
  • Proper job site sweeps after project completion
  • Proper warning signage placement for high-risk areas
  • Inform and educate our clients of any potential dangers regarding areas serviced

American Electric of Jacksonville is Osha Compliant

American Electric of Jacksonville, Inc. is proud to be OSHA Compliant